Leland continues to share his inspirational story through live events, virtual explorations, and televised interviews.

Leland Melvin’s inspiring story of rocketing across careers

Engineer and philanthropist Leland Melvin made his way into the world of professional football and outer space. Explore his incredible journey.


Leland Melvin supporting CITYarts with Tsipi Ben-Haim

Inspiring Our Youth

Leland Melvin inspiring our youth, the future LEADERS, to Go ABOVE and BEYOND


Leland Melvin takes selfie with the students of Hamilton Grange Middle School

2008 STS 122 Water Bubble

Water Bubble and M&Ms in Micro Gravity

Staying Clean In Space with Elmo

Elmo, Sesame Street’s adorable character, learns how astronauts stay clean and brush their teeth in the zero-g environment of space.

Disney Leland Melvin Profile Be Inspired HD

Leland's parents and the Lynchburg, VA community helped me believe in myself and stay inspired to live a curious passion filled life knowing that anything is possible with hard work and faith.

My Magazine: Leland Melvin

Flipboard is highlighting some particularly moving curators/storytellers for a new video series called "My Magazine." In this video, Leland Melvin tells them about his inspiration in educating the next generation of explorers. Follow Melvin on Flipboard at and share your own passions and magazines with us on social media using the #MyMagazine hashtag.

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