2008 STS 122 Water Bubble

Water Bubble and M&Ms in Micro Gravity

Great Big Story: Life In Space with Leland Melvin

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An Astronaut's Cosmic Visions

A former Detroit Lions wide receiver and NASA astronaut (take a moment to let that combination sink in) takes us on a journey into his magical space-induced dreamscape – where vivid colors and explosions of light are an every night occurrence.

BattleBots Premier On ABC and Leland Melvin Is One Of The Judges

That’s right bot fans, the robots are back and ready to fight. Tune in, June 21st 9|8c on ABC for the premier of our new series! You’ll see an array of incredible fighting machines that will blow your minds. Strap down your television set, cause the metal-munching-mayhem is about to set off.

Child Genius On Lifetime Gets Renewed For A Second Season

Child Genius centers on some of America’s most extraordinary and gifted children and their families as they prepare for a national intelligence competition. In cooperation with American MENSA, the competition takes place over eight weeks and tests the nation’s best young minds on their knowledge of math, spelling, geography, memory, human body, US presidents, vocabulary, current events, zoology, astronomy and space, inventions, literature and arts, earth science, and logic. Hosted by Leland Melvin, former NASA astronaut, the show features boys and girls aged eight to 12 from across the country, all competing for a $100,000 college fund and the title of Child Genius 2016.

Leland Melvin: From the Endzone to the International Space Station

As a standout athlete - drafted by the Detroit Lions in 1986 as a wide receiver - with a masters degree in Material Science Engineering, Leland Melvin never dreamed of becoming an astronaut. A colleague at NASA convinced him to apply for the 1998 astronaut candidate class. He made the cut. Despite a debilitating ear injury sustained during underwater training, Leland served on 2 Space Shuttle missions. After serving as NASA’s associate administrator for education, Leland now works to raise awareness about S.T.E.A.M. education and America's space future.

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Staying Clean In Space with Elmo

Elmo, Sesame Street’s adorable character, learns how astronauts stay clean and brush their teeth in the zero-g environment of space.

Leland Meets the President of the United States and First Lady

"I was honored to be part of the White House Easter Egg Roll Storytime event. I appreciate what the President and First Lady are doing to inspire future #STEAM Explorers. Godspeed."

May 2014